You gotta hold these coins! Don't have weak hands. Hold your dang position. Look at any other coin out there! How long did people have to hold Bitcoin before it took off? What about Ethereum? Litecoin? What about Ripple, Verge... All the names that shot to the moon. Look at them! A lot of people are complaining and running for the hills at the first sign of trouble. Go on, sell your position if you want. Not me. I've got them strong hands. Many are expecting to become overnight millionaires, but you must be patient. "The stock market is simply a medium where wealth transfers from the impatient to the patient." That quote applies to Cryptocurrency as well. I hope these words impact someone and help you feel empowered to have strong hands. If that is the case, shoot me some WhaleCoins, I will hold them!

Underlying Blockchain

I decided to build the WhaleCoin (WHALE) on the Ethereum blockchain, because it is easy to interact with ERC20 tokens and Ethereum blockchain is secure. You can get the coins for free via Airdrop or by buying them on ForkDelta DEX with Ethers (ETH).


Reasons to HODL WhaleCoin

Made for investors and traders

  • Because everyone want a long-term return of investment (ROI).
  • WhaleCoin has been issued with a value equal to 1 satoshi (the lowest unit of a Bitcoin), which worth 0.00000037 ETH.
  • Like that, any investor is able to buy the coin at its lowest price, it cannot go down so ROI is guaranteed if you are an early adopter.
  • The sooner you get and hold WhaleCoins, the richest you will be.
  • Of course there will be some Highs and Lows, you can either leave them when it reach your target price, or hold them for long term and expect HUGE profits.
  • This is also guaranteed by the periodical buyback of tokens, and the periodical tokens burn.
  • WhaleCoin is a free and decentralized currency, which protects against the corruption of financial institutions.

You can gamble with WhaleCoins

  • Coin promoted and supported by an online cryptocasino platform.
  • The casino accepts deposits of WhaleCoins.
  • Play slots, dice, blackjack, video poker and more!
  • You can always withdraw your gains either with WhaleCoins or with BTC, ETH and other popular cryptos.
  • No weekends or holidays, the internet network operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The gambling website accepting WhaleCoins deposits will be revealed in Q4 2020 (end of the year).
  • This is another reason to jump in and accumulate WHALE tokens if you are a gambler!

Wanna be a whale?

  • You are writing in the Ethereum blockchain that you are a whale.
  • The record of this will never be modified, tampered with, or bastardized in any way.
  • This is you, your bag of WhaleCoins. the exchanges and your happiness.
  • That point is for the ones who missed Bitcoin at very low price and want to ride on the wave again with a newer currency, more stable (backed by Ethereum) and with a good future.
  • The coin price starts at 1 satoshi BTC so take as much coins as you want and enjoy to be a Whale of the 20's!
  • To be a real whale of WhaleCoins, your objective will be to HODL at least 1 million tokens.

The coin has nice features

  • No transaction limits.
  • Transactions in less than a minute, everywhere.
  • Irreversible and anonymous payments.
  • No tax or commission. Only network sending fees exist, and they are relatively low.
  • No weekends or holidays, the internet network operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No account risk or blocked transactions, overdraft or agios.
  • No obligation to reveal your identity to send or receive money.
  • A security protocol that surpasses banking standards.
  • A concrete alternative to the traditional banking system.
  • A free and freely accessible currency via Airdrops (coin donations).

Warning : any transaction is irreversible, and any lost wallet will result in the loss of funds.
For more security, create a security key (password) and make a backup of the wallet. It can be stored indefinitely on a computer, a USB stick or any other storage medium.

Who am I?


Founder, Developer


WhaleCoin (WHALE)



  • Currency name: WhaleCoin
  • Ticker: WHALE
  • Decimals: 18
  • Type: ERC20 token
  • Explorer: Etherscan
  • Circulating supply: 135 322 017
  • Total supply: 327 154 880
  • Tokens reissuance : No
  • Ethereum contract : 0x804e26c4eff0bb196b805bdfb5b29ab828cf0b1f
  • Issuance date : Jan-07-2020 03:12:38 PM
  • Where to get WhaleCoin : On exchanges or via airdrops
  • How to get WhaleCoin : With Ethers (ETH) on exchanges.
  • Logo:



The blockchain is at the heart of the technology for sending and receiving money without intermediaries.

All operations in the order up to the first are entered in the blockchain. It is the memory of the system. A copy of the registry is shared with each network user. Nobody has the ability to rewrite or edit the channel's records. The protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Anyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and logging in.

Everyone can view the chain using the block explorer. The explorer is the tool allowing everyone to view the status of their transactions and the history and balance of any address in the network.

whalecoin distribution


WhaleCoin's roadmap regarding goals, activities and development is still in creation process. However, here is the major events related to WhaleCoin on the January-March 2020 period:

whalecoin roadmap



For investors and those who want to buy a big amount of WhaleCoins, it is possible to go on our ICO page. You can buy up to 100 millions WHALE coins (1/3 of the total supply).


You can now buy and sell WhaleCoins on various decentralized exchanges (DEX) by using your MetaMask wallet, Ledger or Trezor:

Bamboo Relay


saturn network
Bamboo Relay





Price converter

Check out the price of WhaleCoin again US Dollar (USD) with the converter: